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100% U.S.A. Built Collapsible Tunnel Hull Performance Inflatable Boats.

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SeaWolf brand of inflatable boats are manufactured exclusively by Inflatable Marine Products Inc. Built for family fun and high performance, our boats are 100% built in the USA. Our products are used by rescue professionals worldwide and are built "Fire Fighter Tough". Buy the boat the pros use, we'll get you back to shore safely after a great day of fun and leisure.

Our current lead time for custom boats is 20 working days. We have Stock on White and Black; White and Blue; White and Green; White and Red also all solid colors are available.

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Welcome to Seawolf Inflatables, LLC. Manufacturers of the SeaWolf, SuperDuxx and ThunderDuxx USA series of performance inflatable boats.

The SeaWolf series of performance inflatable boats are sold in the world wide while the SuperDuxx series are sold in Canada only. The SuperDuxx Performance Inflatable Boats are Canadian Coast Guard Approved. The SeaWolf and SuperDuxx boats are identical in quality and performance.

Through extensive Research, Testing and customer suggestions Seawolf continually strives toward perfection in manufacturing performance inflatable boats. We pay particular attention to Quality, Performance, and Longevity.

All boats are hand crafted to customer specifications. Customers can specify Graphics, Seating, Console, Stereo, Size, Canopies, Lighting and various boat riggings. With custom graphics capability your companies logo can be permanently attached to the boat for advertising purposes.

While comparing inflatable boats with our competitors ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long does the air stay in the tubes?
    • Typically you may lose 1 PSI of air over a 30-day period with a SeaWolf or SuperDuxx boat.
    • Other inflatable boats leak 2-3 PSI within 24 hours.

  2. Is the Warranty work honored in a timely fashion?
    • SeaWolf and SuperDuxx offer a 5-year warranty on craftsmanship and have a turn around time of 2 weeks or less.
    • Some manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty but then don't honor it after the sale. Read the warrantys and compare.

  3. How long does it take to get your boat after the order is placed?
    • Typical delivery time of your SeaWolf or SuperDuxx is typically 2-3 weeks depending on seasonal order placements.
  4. How does the overall appearance of the boats compare? After it has been in the sun for a while is there yellow glue traces visable on your boat? This is caused by poor or hurried workmanship. Our master craftsman take the necessary time to create a product we can all be proud of. Our quality inspection team only put their name on the highest quality workmanship.

  5. Does the manufacturer raise the selling price after they have already received your down payment? Our prices stay the same from the day the deposit is taken to the day the product ships. Shipping and handling are always added to the product price the day of shipment. There are no "Surprise" costs added to your billing statement.

  6. How quickly does the boat accelerate? Our boats accelerate rapidly with 15hp to 50 hp motors.
  7. How quickly does the boat plane out? Our boats plane out within 25'-30' when properly loaded and powered.

  8. How tight of radius can the boat turn? Our boats have both an inner and an outer planing surface giving us an extreme advantage with turning. Our tunnel has a "knife" edge making our turning radius the best in the industry.

  9. How shallow of water can the boat operate in? This changes based on payload and motor HP. For most applications 10" is the minimum we would recommend.

  10. How many times has the manufacturer changed their operating name? If a business uses a surname in 15 different businesses and then closes them quickly, they are "Fly by Night". This is done to shut down lawsuits and avoid warranty responsibilitys. We are the only USA company that has been around under the same name since our first day, and we always take care of warranty work in a timly manner. Please check with the Better Business Bureau, or US Coast Guard for information on products with which you would trust your familys life. Beware of sales people who try to convince you they "invented" the boat. While this seems ridiculas people still fall for it. We wish you a safe and fun boating experience. Do your due dilagence. Check out internet sites such as etc.

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