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Inflatable Boat Accessories

Inflatable Boat Cleaner

Click here to find other excellent cleaners and polishes for all you boating and recreation needs.

Inflatable Boat Cleaner Use on Hypalon, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome.

Inflatable boat polish improves appearance and extends the life of inflatables.

To make your inflatable look better than new, simply wipe on two coats of Aurora Poly Guard stand back and admire.

Spray directly onto salt spots, dirty or oxidized surface and buff to a brilliant, hard, anti static shine.

Do not apply to wet surfaces.

Works well on faded metal flake, fuel spills.

Easy to use.

Removes oxidation, chalking, scuff marks, oil, bird droppings, insect marks.

Safe for ALL inflatables.

Will NOT cause delamination or attack adhesives.

Environment Friendly. Used by Professional Repair Shops & Dealers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easy to use.

Wipe on, let dry.

Luxurious shine. Made from space age polymer.

Does NOT contain silicone or wax. Will NOT attack adhesives or fabric.

Not greasy, will not stain clothing.

Environment stable. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Easy to use.

Spray on, buff to a brilliant shine. Works without water.

Spray right over dirt or salt. Will NOT scratch surfaces.

Leaves a mirror-like finish. Actually converts salt spots into a cleaner & polish!

No wax, no build up, no yellowing, no fingerprints. Anti static.

Cleans dirt, grime, light oxidation, fuel spills. Contains sun screens.

For all hard surfaces. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Price $Call
Price $Call
Price $Call

Inflatable Boat Sealant

This Inflatable Sealant Kit Stops Slow Leaks!
Works on all inflatables!
Great for those hard to find leaks!

Only $140.95 Each

Graphics Kits

Our graphics material is permanent.

A great appearance on your inflatable product. You name the font, color and text. Great for boat names and registration numbers. We can even put a 4 color photo on your inflatable product.

Boat Registration Lettering Kit
$114.95 Each

Custom Graphics available
Contact us for details.

Boat racing Identification Kit

Boat racing Identification Kit.

Mandatory Numbers for the
A.P.B.A. and the C.B.F.
(12" tall x 12" wide, 2" letter thickness)
Single Digit, Set of three, including glue,

$ 94.95 Each

Double Digit, Set of three, including glue

$179.95 Each

The Air Daddy

Inflate all your SeaWolf Product quickly and from anywhere. Attaches easily to any portable air compressor or alternate source of compressed air. Great for all your inflatables toys as well.

Only $24.95 Each

SUPER 6 Inflation Pump

The Last Pump You Will Ever Need!
This dual action inflation Pump takes the time and effort
out of your water experience

Only $99.95 Each

Handles, and misc., Inflatable Boat Parts

Custom rope attachments
$29.95 Each

Custom handles, hand or foot straps
$29.95 Each

Boat Lighting Ideas

Light up the area with these custom lighting ideas.

Boat Stereo And Console Seating

Ride in comfort with these boating asscessories.


Inflatable Boat Paint And Liquid Rubber Repairs

Use these products to care for your inflatable boat.


Check out the "Wheel Easy" system


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