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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I tow the boat?

Inflatable Marine Products Inc., has designed our boat to tow through the roughest of trailing seas. Its catamaran hull design including the P.A.T.C.H protection system ensures your boat will track extremely well. The wash through transom lets any water escape quickly to through the rear of the transom. A stainless steel bow eye is mounted under the wing to attach to.

How does the boat material P.V.C., compare to hypalon?

Hypalon is much heavier than PVC and doesn't handle the sun as well. The UV protectant in PVC helps prevent material color fading. The UV protectant can be applied regularly like waxing a car to prevent sun damage, fading and cracking. This will assure a long life for your boat.

Can I pull a skier with my SeaWolf or SuperDuxx Inflatable boat?

The SeaWolf Predator and the SuperDuxx Challenger line of inflatable boats are designed for high performance. They offer versatility and stabality to meet most water sport applications. Including; Hunting Fishing Skiing, Diving, Tubing, Racing, ect... You will need to have a minimum of a 30 hp to ski. (weight and experience should be taken into consideration.)

What is the life expectancy of a SeaWolf or SuperDuxx Inflatable by IMP?

With proper care, indefinite. However a limited warranty is set for 10 years!

What is the floor made of?

All IMP product, floors are made with a plastic composite call Starboard (Manufactured by King). It is light weight and strong. No maintenance is needed other than washing once in a while. No more cracking, no painting no scratching and its chemical resistant.

Where do I sit?

Over the years IMP has designed several consoles for seating. The product allows itself to be a great boat for all ideas. From benches, to pedestal seating, (bolted to the rigid floor) to fiberglass and plastic after market consoles. We have decided to allow the customer to determine what he or she wants.


The IMP line of inflatable boats are tunnel hull boats. The floor sits high above the water and the chop. To sit on the floor is a comfortable ride. The tubes make great back rests. We recommend everyone stay seated for safety while the watercraft is in motion.

How long does it take to inflate my SeaWolf or SuperDuxx Boat?

This Depends on the model size. We offer several pumps in our accesories section of this site. These pumps can inflate a 13 ft boat in 20 mins with little effort. The pump will blow the boat up to the correct operating pressure and then will blow off the valve.

Can I use a Air Compressor or Scuba Tank?

This is not a recommended option. This type of inflation can cause great bodily Harm if not done properly. IMP is held harmless for injuries resulting from improper inflation.

What is the maximum pressure allowed?

The main tubes are filled to 5 psi. The hijackers are filled to 6 psi.

How do I transport my SeaWolf or SuperDuxx Inflatable?

Click here to go to the transportation page.

I have more questions, who do I ask?

Email us here and we'll do our best to answer your questions.



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